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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Wedding Pictures-June 25, 2011

The Rings!
The Mr. and Mrs.
The Groomsmen! Why my dad has sunglasses on, I do not know... And my nephew is attacking my brothers face.

We finally got a decent family photo!!! (left to right) me, my mom, Sigrid, my brother Kellin, my dad, my neice Grace, my brother Dylan, my nephew Charlie, my sister-in-law Jaci and my not so happy neice Maggie.

The married couple!!!

Me and my brother Kellin! I love this picture it's my default for almost everything now!

My three year old nephew Charlie in his cute little tux!

Sigrid walking down the isle by her grandfather.

The flower girls Emma and Gracie (my neice).

Kellin waiting for Sigrid.

My parents! My mom hates this picture she says she looks like an "amazon" well thats what you get for wearing four inch heels!

My favorite guys! My brother Kellin, my dad and my brother Dylan.

LOL I love this! This is kellin and his best man Mike.

Taken after being announced as husband and wife for the first time!

All the guys! (left to right) my dad, Mike (best man), Phil, Kellin, Dylan, Nick and Jimmy.

My brothers Kellin and Dylan with my nephew Charlie.

My beautiful neice Grace Olivia, with bubbles, all the kids were obsessed with the bubbles!

Me and Brittany Sigrids maid-of-honor!

Their first dance, it was to "Something" by the Beatles.

They are too cute

Handsome Charlie with the bubbles.

My five year old neice Gracies first ever maicure!!!
My two year old neices first manicure! She did so good for the lady with did them, but the chewed them off within ten minutes!

Maggie was so sick, so she didn't want her picture taken, but I really love this!!!!!!!

The bubbles!!!
Perhaps my favorite picture the the photographer took! I think this is just so awesome! They had their wedding at this amazing house and the naighbors next door offerd to let the guys get ready at their house, so this was taken when the boys were walking over to the ceremony.

Here are the pictures I have (I took most, the photographer isn't done with the pics yet so we've gotton only a few) , I hope this didn't bore you or anything. I know that I like to see pictures from weddings so please tell me if you'd want to see more when I get them!



  1. thanks for sharing!!!! I LOVE wedding pictures :)

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