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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I love you guys!

Hey beauties :) I just wanted to quickly thank all of you for following and also for you really sweet comments! Give me as much feedback as possible, I love it! And I want to reply to all of the comments but it doesn't show up as me when I go to reply sooo once again THANK YOU <3

With love,

xoxo, Alex :)

Time to get Wet n Wild!

One of my biggest beauty pet peeves has to be my mascara sliding of my face. Whether it's because of pool water, or those awful sweaty days some mascaras can either end up under your waterline or it just disappear! Wet n Wild makes not just one...but TWO waterproof mascaras! One thats lengthening and one that plumping, I actually layer the two :) Also their formulation is fantastic! I love all the different summer colors like turqouises, purples and neutral sand colors are perfect for summer! My personal favorite is the Pride pallatte by Wet n Wild 

Disclaimer:I am not getting paid for this post in any way. All the products I have tried and all opinions are my own! :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Major update!!!

Hello girls :) I have an announcement that I've wanted to say for awhile, In about a month or two I'm hoping get my stuff together and be able to make my own youtube channel! It's something I've been wanted to do for awhile now, because I love sharing things with you guys but I'd much rather say what I want myself, so you can see how enthusiastic I am about my one true love (makeup) so I have to get supplies, and come up with a user name plus I want to make my page pretty! I hope to see all of you soon! 

xoxo, alex

Do you guys have any user name ideas? thanks!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (in black bean) Review

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean
I've been wanting to try NYX jumbo eye pencils for forever! And finally I picked one up last week. I got mine in black bean, and honestly I have a few issues with this eye pencil, first of all after i played with it on my lash line, I thought I'd see how it would smudge into a black smokey look. When I realized how I really cannot pull off black color on my eyes, I tried to take it off and...IT WOULDN'T COME OFF!!! I tried two different eye makeup removers, and scrubbed my eye lid like there is no tomorrow. I applaud NYX on making a eye pencil that doesn't wipe off, for people like me who rub their eyes constantly, but the fact that it wasn't coming off no matter what I did, aggravated me. Even after my little melt down, I still loved it. The thickness and softness of the pencil made it super easy to apply to your lashline (or your crease if you, unlike me, can pull that off) but because of the thickness I wouldn't recommend putting it on your water line. It's become a makeup bag favorite, this week :) They have tons of cute colors too, like purple, blue, green...you will deffinatly be seeing NYX eye pencils in many posts in the future :)

Also I need your oppinion! Should I do monthly favorites blog posts? Would you guys be interested in that? I'd love your feedback

*Disclaimer: I bought the NYX Jumbo eye pencil with my own money, all opinions are my own :)*

Monday, May 2, 2011

Physicians Formula Mixed Products Review

I went to Target last week and picked up two Physicians Formula products. The shimmer strips eye palate for blue eyes and the PF Naturals mascara. I've heard that they had really great pigmentation and all the eye shadows and eyeliners go on really smooth, but I had no idea how much I would end up falling in love with all of the things I bought. The very first day I wore the shimmer strips shadows I got a compliment on my eyes! And the mascara seprated each of my lashes and lengthend them beautifully :) my favorite part about the mascara is the wand! It's plastic instead of bristley which I think makes it a more quality and expensive (even though it's only $8!!!). Now Physicians Formula is without a doubt on my top five list for beauty products! :)

Organics Mascara by PF, see the wand?

Shimmer Strips for blue eyes

**This post has not been sponserd I purchesed these products with my own money...all opinions are my own.