"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is something in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening" -Coco Chanel


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Must Haves For Fall Fashion

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 6: Second Celeb Crush!

SO cute!
Hey girls! This is my second celeb crush post for the celeb tag! So my second crush is Ryan Reynolds. In the past couple of years he has kind of become the Brad Pitt, so to speak. Girls from all ages are in love with this guy! Something interesting I just noticed is, my first celeb crush was also named Ryan and also Canadian...strange.

I first though Ryan Reynolds was just adorable when I saw him in Defiantly, Maybe with Abigail Breslin. One thing I really like about Ryan Reynolds is his sense of humor, whenever I see him in interviews he is hilarious!

 Thanks For Reading Ladies!

P.S. Check out this interview! Ryan Reynolds on David Letterman! It's hysterical!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 5: First out of Fives Celeb Crushes!

Hey Girls! So I'm pretty sure I say this every post, but I am super excited about this post...I mean SUPER excited! When I read the daily post list for the 30 day tag, this post and the next four were the ones I was most excited for. I think seeing who other people think are cute in Hollywood is kind of fun! Anyway here is my first celeb crush...Ryan Gosling!!!

My taste in guys is kinda specific, my type is really tall, blond hair, blue eyes. There are some acceptations (that you'll see in the next couple of days) but mostly I love a guy that looks amazing in a suit, but isn't all stuffy and still looks great in a tee and a pair of jeans. I also hate beards! A little bit of stubble, fine. A beard? No Way! Lately I've seen Ryan Gosling with on of the god awful beards, which is really unfortunate! Anyway I'm actually really sad that he isn't with Rachel McAdams anymore! Come on! Ali and Noah together for real? That would be amazing!!!

I found this picture kind of amusing, so I put it in. He looks so young!

Semi creepy, but cute :)

 Thanks for reading!!!

P.S. who is one of your celeb crushes? I really want to know! :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

FALLing in Love with Zac!

Hey girls! So NYC fashion week is this week! I wish I was there, but I'll have to settle for watching the shows on FashionTV. One show that really jumped out at me was, Zac Posen, that took place two days ago. Seriously, I'm in love with almost every single piece in this collection! Everything is fantastic, amazing, gorgeous, wonderful and every other positive adjective you can imagine!

My personal style is: classic, retro with a bit of and edge. If your like me, then you will just adore this show!

Enjoy ladies!

P.S. Do you like these kinds of posts? Let me know if you want me to share my opinions on more Fashion Week shows!

Day 4: Current Celeb Obsession!

Hey girls! Today's topic is Current celeb obsession! This was really different for me, so I kinda changed the question a bit...I look to different celebs, based on what season it is, so here are my celeb obsessions for summer, summer and winter, fall.

Taylor, without a doubt is a major fashion icon! I look at what she's wearing, but especially in the colder months. She always has on adorable sweaters and really cute boots. I have never disliked anything I've seen Taylor wearing in the magazines!

I feel like the SoCal look is so cute for spring and summer! And since Lauren Conrad is from Southern California, obviously she has that style down. I'm also a huge fan of florals and she seems to be too, I always see pictures of her stepping out in gorgeous floral dresses and tanks.

I feel like I picked two girls that are every body's fashion icons, but I think that's because they know how to dress and are good role models for girls!
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Fall Picks-Colors I've FALLen in love with for this Season

Day 3: My Favorite Celebrity Encounter!

Hey girls! So here is day three of my Celeb Tag! I am super duper excited to post this, because when I read day 3 I got so excited to share this one. This day was one of the most fun days, of my life. So when I was in seventh grade, my best friend Sarah and I went on the French class trip to Montreal. On the eight hour drive to Canada, I brought a Teen People Style Watch book and we spent so long looking at it. On almost every page, was one of our favorite celebs and fashion inspirations, Mischa Barton. Sarah and I are major, major OC fans! Then the next day we went to this BioDome (a habitat for all different animals, each habitat has the climate for the animals there). We were in the "Artic" habitat, when I heard a voice that sounded really familiar, so I look over...AND IT'S MISCHA BARTON (ahhhhhh!!!) so I just about flipped! The funniest thing about it was, Sarah did not believe it was her, so finally I asked her, and it was her, so we got a picture! Unfortunately she was not very friendly, which was kind of disappointing, but we got to meet her which was AMAZING!
Little 7th grade me with Sarah and Mischa! I was so so tired so ignore how awful I look in this picture!

Thanks for reading Ladies! Make sure to vote on my poll in the sidebar :) I'm really looking forward to starting a series! And you can vote for more than one!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Halloween Poll Anyone?

Day 2: First Celebrity Encounter!

Hey girls! So this question for the celeb tag, was actually pretty hard for me... One particular stuck out but I think I'll use that for tomorrows question (favorite celeb encounter). Then I realized my first, weird thing is I've known this person for, well my entire life. It's actually my cousin Ed. My cousin is Ed Toth, some may have heard of him, he is a professional drummer. Ed has been the drummer for two bands, Vertical Horizon and The Doobie Brothers. It's funny, I don't really think of Ed as a "celebrity" to me, he's my cousin! Sometimes I remember when he talks about going over "Willy's house" (Willy Nelson!) or "hanging out with Josh" (Josh Grobin!!!) but honestly Eddie is one of the most down to earth, nice people you could meet!

Ed's picture for a Drummer Magazine.
Album cover for one of Vertical Horizons CD's.
Thanks for Reading guys!!! Here is my favorite Vertical Horizon song! Your A God by Vertical Horizon.
My favorite Doobie Brothers Song! Black Water by The Doobie Brothers.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Celeb Tag!!! Day 1: First Celebrity Obsession.

Hey Girls! It's been way to long, I've had alot of things going on in my life lately so I really haven't had time for anything, but I've missed this so much!
So here is the Tag!!!

Day 1: First celebrity obsession.

Well, I was never really a normal child, I preferred old movies. I would watch old musicals with my Dad whose a musician, that grew up watching them. I loved (and still love) Sound Of Music, Singing In The Rain, White Christmas and My Fair Lady. I remember absolutely idolizing Debbie Reynolds and Audrey Hepburn, Audrey's dress for the ball with Professor Higgins was just gorgeous!
Audrey Hepburns gown for My Fair Lady, How gorg is that?

And Debbie Reynolds in Singing In The Rain was the epitome of a confident 50's woman. I love Singing in the Rain so much, If you love dancing and old movies then you would absolutely love Singing in the Rain!!!

Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly (my first leading man movie crush).

I love her dress in this scene, it's so modern!

Throughout the movie she had so many flowy pretty dresses!

The video above is a clip of Singing In The Rain, during this part of the movie they're filming a short musical dance number, this is where Cathy (Debbie Reynolds) is introduced. The reason why I always loved this scene is the outfits, now they seem so hideous (some of them) and tacky, but then they seemed amazing! Don't judge the entire movie by this clip, the rest is way better!

I missed you guys!!!