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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fun Fitness Tips! Small Ways to Be Healthier!

Hey girls! So lately I've been on a quest to feel better, I wouldn't exactly call it a health kick, I just wanted to have more energy and change my eating habits. Here are a few adjustments I've made to be healthier!

  • Drink three to four cup of green tea per day! I actually didn't like the taste of green tea when I started my "quest" but now I love it. Plus green tea has antioxidants that fight off cancer and it can even prevent dementia.
  • Drink eight glasses of water per day! This is eight glasses or four bottles of water, I actually drink out of the plastic Poland Springs bottles, just because that is easier for me. It seems a lot simpler to grab a bottle on the go.
  • Just Dance 2! If any of you guys have Just Dance 2, then you know...life changing! It is so much fun and you burn an insane amount of cals! I love the dances: Rasputin, Cosmic Girl, Jump, Viva Las Vegas and Body Moving.
  • Laugh! It's been proven that laughing increases you metabolism!
So there are my little changes in my daily routine and so far, I've really noticed a difference! I've actually lost eight pounds since the beginning of July!

Hope this helped!



  1. Too funny - I drink green tea like a crazy person. Although my favorite will always be sleepy time tea :).

  2. oh my gosh sleepy time tea is my favorite!!! so good :)

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