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Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to School Tag!!!!

Hey girls!!! I was tagged by Jen, who I just don't have enough nice things to say about, she is one of the first fellow Beauty Bloggers I talked to and she is one of the sweetest girls ever! Follower her if you haven't already! So now for the Tag!

Are you excited and/or nervous for this year?
I'm actually really excited for this year, I signed up for some really fun classes! I'm a little nervous too, but I think it's natural for everyone to be nervous for school.

What's for favorite part of getting ready for back to school?
This may sound weird, but probably organizing everything, I am defiantly OCD about organizing my school supplies!

What grade were you in when you started wearing makeup?
6th grade, but I didn't really get into all the neutral smokey, contour fanciness until freshman year.

Where or from whom do you like to get inspiration for school from?
Youtube videos, mostly Macbarbie07, we have very similar style. Also fellow bloggers and also magazines.

What are your favorite back to school/fall trends?
Defiantly the maxi trend, not only dresses but skirts as well. Also blazers and chunky sweaters.

Where do you like to go shopping for back to school supplies?
Staples or Target.

What are your favorite stores to go back to school clothes shopping?
TJ Maxx & Marshalls are always great places to go for designer pieces at an amazing discount, I also love American Eagle and Aerie.

Will you be carrying a back pack or a purse to school this year?
In middle school I carried a bag, but since I got to High School I have been carrying a backpack. I already have back problems, I don't want to make them worse.

What are 3 non-beauty essentials you have to have in your backpack?
1.water 2. note cards 3. notebook.

What are your go-to hair products for this year and what is your go to hair style?
I really don't use hair products (hair gel, spray, mouse ect.) and I straighten my hair rarely, because it is naturally straight...And for a hairstyle lately I haven't had just one that's a go-to, mostly I've been playing with different braids and twists.

What are your go-to clothing items for this year? And what accessories do you plan on rocking this year?
My go-to clothing item is always dresses, they're great for fellow morning-haters :) with a dress you can throw it on real quick but still look adorable! Accessory wise, I'd say rings (of course!) and lots of bracelets.

Gosh darn it! Jen tagged everyone I wanted to! So I tag anyone who wants to do it!

Thanks for Reading!!!

P.S. Opal made me a signature, what do you think? I love it!!! :)


  1. Interesting tag. I never go back to school clothes shopping anymore. xP

  2. Love your answers! Thank you so much for the nice words and sorry I tagged everyone you wanted. It happens that way when your circle of close bloggers are all the same. LOL

  3. Haha Jen, I was like oh crap I have no one left to tag! And no problem, everything I said was true!

  4. haha, would you like me to make the background gray so it will blend a bit better :)?

  5. Aw Opal you already made me the signature, I can change the background :)

  6. haha, it's no problem :)! it will take like 5 minutes - i'll send it to you later. love ya girl!

  7. Haha thanks Opal, I appreciate it :) love you too!