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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Celeb Tag!!! Day 1: First Celebrity Obsession.

Hey Girls! It's been way to long, I've had alot of things going on in my life lately so I really haven't had time for anything, but I've missed this so much!
So here is the Tag!!!

Day 1: First celebrity obsession.

Well, I was never really a normal child, I preferred old movies. I would watch old musicals with my Dad whose a musician, that grew up watching them. I loved (and still love) Sound Of Music, Singing In The Rain, White Christmas and My Fair Lady. I remember absolutely idolizing Debbie Reynolds and Audrey Hepburn, Audrey's dress for the ball with Professor Higgins was just gorgeous!
Audrey Hepburns gown for My Fair Lady, How gorg is that?

And Debbie Reynolds in Singing In The Rain was the epitome of a confident 50's woman. I love Singing in the Rain so much, If you love dancing and old movies then you would absolutely love Singing in the Rain!!!

Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly (my first leading man movie crush).

I love her dress in this scene, it's so modern!

Throughout the movie she had so many flowy pretty dresses!

The video above is a clip of Singing In The Rain, during this part of the movie they're filming a short musical dance number, this is where Cathy (Debbie Reynolds) is introduced. The reason why I always loved this scene is the outfits, now they seem so hideous (some of them) and tacky, but then they seemed amazing! Don't judge the entire movie by this clip, the rest is way better!

I missed you guys!!!


  1. OMG, again with the freaky moments where i seriously think we were separated at birth :O!!! I love love love Audrey Hepburn and Gene Kelly!!! I love watching the classics with my mom - are you into movies with Barbra Streisand?

  2. OMG Rain on my Parade is my song! haha I sing it all the time!!! Haha Opal this is so scary right now!!!