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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 3: My Favorite Celebrity Encounter!

Hey girls! So here is day three of my Celeb Tag! I am super duper excited to post this, because when I read day 3 I got so excited to share this one. This day was one of the most fun days, of my life. So when I was in seventh grade, my best friend Sarah and I went on the French class trip to Montreal. On the eight hour drive to Canada, I brought a Teen People Style Watch book and we spent so long looking at it. On almost every page, was one of our favorite celebs and fashion inspirations, Mischa Barton. Sarah and I are major, major OC fans! Then the next day we went to this BioDome (a habitat for all different animals, each habitat has the climate for the animals there). We were in the "Artic" habitat, when I heard a voice that sounded really familiar, so I look over...AND IT'S MISCHA BARTON (ahhhhhh!!!) so I just about flipped! The funniest thing about it was, Sarah did not believe it was her, so finally I asked her, and it was her, so we got a picture! Unfortunately she was not very friendly, which was kind of disappointing, but we got to meet her which was AMAZING!
Little 7th grade me with Sarah and Mischa! I was so so tired so ignore how awful I look in this picture!

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  1. It sucks when celebrities are not friendly. I understand wanting privacy, but their fans are the reason they're celebrities in the first place, they should at least feign being nice if they won't be grateful! :p

    From the picture I thought it was Pam from True Blood at first! :D