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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Be Better on Betterfly!

Hey girls! I am so excited about this post today, mainly because of the  amazing website I'm going to talk about also this is my first ever guest post! I was contacted by Lauren (who seems super sweet!) from the Betterfly website and she asked me to check it out!

Here is some information about Betterfly that Lauren wanted to share with you!

Betterfly is all about finding the right person in your quest for "self-betterment", whether that be beauty, fitness, health craft or anything else you can think of.

"Betterfly is the first website of its kind to exclude companies, focusing on people instead to make the process easier and more efficient.

Users can refine their search based on more than 20 factors such as availability, friends' recommendations, verified reviews and value.

Each provider can create a free, highly customizable page that's like a mini-website that can be made in minutes that can be made in minutes. Users can promote their qualifications, services, locations, special offers and payment policies, upload resources like instructional videos and even create their own blogs.

Plus, it's all free! Since it's launch in May 2010, it has become on of the largest online directories for makeup artist, personal trainers and music teachers."

Here is an example of a Betterfly page, here you can see the filters, the search bar, and different makeup artist that popped up! Also you can see the price points! (click to enlarge).

Thanks for reading girls!!!
xoxo, Alex.

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