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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award!

The past couple of days has been so amazing for me, I finally reached fifty followers which just made me so ecstatic! I've been looking forward to doing a giveaway for you guys for a really long time and along the way to the fifty, I had some really amazing twitter friends that really helped me out. Including Berniice, the fabulous girl who gave me this award as well as a second Butterfly award! She's just so amazing and nice and always gives amazing feedback and comments on my posts! Now I'm going to start with linking you to the amazing Berniices page!

1. Link back to who awarded you!
Thank you again so so much Berniice! Tweeting about my follower issue and awarding me with not just one but two awards means more than you know!

2. Seven Random Things!
      1.My favorite movie of all time has to be The Field of Dreams, my dad is a huge baseball fan so I grew up loving it (and I still do) but really the Field of Dreams isn't really a baseball movie it's more about this guy and his dad, it's just amazing! Makes me cry every time I watch it! "Hey, is this Heaven?" "No, it's Iowa." I honestly don't think the trailer does it justice, it's one the Netflix on demand for the Wii and Xbox 360.

      2. When I first started using makeup I got the Bare Minerals starter kit, and now when I see the new starter kit I laugh because they come with DVD's mine came with a VHS! I still love the foundation though!

      3. I have a kitty, his name is Maxwell.

         4. My favorite color to wear is Navy Blue, I wear way to much of it!
      5. I love old music, Jim Croce, Fleetwood Mac, music like that!
         6. I have two best friends, Ginny who I go to school with and Sarah who moved to Florida two years ago.
Me and Ginny bee, I love her! <3
      7. My favorite TV show is So You Think You Can Dance, or One Tree Hill.   

3. Pass on the Award!
I award:
- Opal - She has been beyond great! She is so sweet and she's really helped me out in the last couple of days!
- Jen - Her videos are amazing!!!
- Arianne - I love her book reviews.


  1. Thank you for awarding me! Here is my post on this award http://ariannecruz07.blogspot.com/2011/07/stylish-blogger-award.html

  2. Congrats on the blog awards and 50+ followers! :D

  3. I LOVE So you think you can dance!!!! Congrats on the award and your large following!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

  4. girl, you totally deserve it :D! thanks so much for giving me this award!

  5. Thank you girls for all the congrats! Laura! That made me laugh! Thanks Opal!