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Friday, June 17, 2011

Vacation/Wedding Summer Haul

Hi girls :) So yesterday I went to a local mall and also Marshalls & TJ Maxx. While at the mall I only went to one store, which was Payless to look for shoes for my brothers wedding (which is in a little more than a week!). Then I went to two of my favorite stores TJ's and Marshalls to look for some summery clothing for my vacation to Ohio!


Payless's BOGO sales are my weakness, especially with summer shoes! I could have spent hundreds in there! I ended up getting two pairs of shoes, I bought the Looper Twisted Wedge by Dexter in black (for the wedding) and The Misty Woven Wedge by the Montego Bay Club in Berry (for fun). I fell in love with the Misty Woven Wedges at first sight they are gorgeous, I love the cork on the heel and the braided detailing. The Looper Twisted wedges to be honest don't look to attractive in the box or on the website, but when I tried them, I thought they looked way better on :)

The Misty Woven Wedge in Berry

The Looper Twisted Wedge

TJ Maxx/Marshalls

I discovered TJ Maxx and Marshalls about three years ago and I am in love! Both stores are excellent when you want designer labels but for alot less. I have gotten items there from huge designers such as Donna Karen, Michael Kors & Chinease Laundry. They also have popular main stream store pieces such as aerie, American Eagle, Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch. I actually prefer shopping the lesser known designers because then I can be introduced to new labels and they are normally cheaper. One thing I don't like about Marshalls & TJ's is that you can't buy clothes on their online store, or go back for something you saw there because it most likely won't be there when you go to get it. That was quite rambly!

So anyways, while I was at Marshalls I got just a heather grey and navy blue empire waisted mini dress, It's super cute I love it and I also pair it with a grey cami underneath because it can droop a little. The company who made the dress is Soprano, unfortunately I couldn't find a picture of the dress or a website. Then at TJ Maxx I got another dress from Soprano, it's a light grey maxi with a braiding detail right under the bust. Also I got a pair of kahki shorts from Contemporary Edge (another one with no website) and a flowey black tank top with little pink roses all over and three little buttons at the top.

Here are some dupes for what I got :)

Grey Striped Maxi Dress-Forever21-$19

Dark Grey Tank with Ruffles and Red Roses all over-Forever21-$15.80

Khaki Shorts-Old Navy-$19.50
Thanks for Reading :)
xoxoxo, Alex


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